Catonsville 4th of July 2020

We know that many of you have been checking our page, looking for updates.

So…… is the most recent information. Although NONE of the TRADITIONAL events are happening.

Here is what WILL Happen on July 4th

  • Frederick Road will have signs placed out for everyone who submitted a sign order. Look for the signs and be sure to upload a selfie to our page next to your sign!
  • Remember all the amazing balloon creations in last years parade? Our friends Partistry Events are at it again! They have created a balloon art masterpiece, which will be placed out for you to come and take patriotic pictures with. More details will be posted, including the exact location.
  • Starting at 3:00 PM, the volunteers of the Catonsville Celebrations Committee will be participating in a “caravan” around Catonsville. The “caravan” will be small, but just enough to remind the community that Independence Day is alive in Catonsville. It is important to know that no roads will be closed for this. Spectators can expect to view this from most major roads in Catonsville (the exact route is not being disclosed to prevent crowds from forming). Don’t worry, you will know when its coming your way, just listen up! Residents of Catonsville are encouraged to stay home, watch from a distance and keep in mind all social distancing guidelines. Oh and no chairs need to be put out for this one
  • Our title sponsor State Fare is sponsoring a virtual dance party with WORLD FAMOUS DJ Kopec. If you have not yet watched DJ Kopec’s Quarantine family dance parties, you have been missing out. The “DJ Kopec Fam” raised over $1,000,000.00 for multiple charities and has been featured on multiple media outlets, including the Today Show. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The best part is, you can watch live from the comfort of your home! 4th of July Backyard Party with DJ Kopec streamed to your house (be sure to RSVP so DJ Kopec knows how many people to grill for…)

Now to the sad part, what is NOT happening:

  • The kids games and races
  • The Fort McHenry bike ride
  • The Christian Temple concert
  • The family fun dance stage
  • The traditional parade
  • The traditional fireworks