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Support the Catonsville Parade & Fireworks

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Since 1947, dedicated volunteers have organized the Annual Catonsville Celebration and have raised the funds without assistance from county or government agencies. All funds received are from YOU, the citizens of Catonsville, Arbutus, Woodlawn and surrounding areas. Every year, the volunteers have raised the necessary funds ($100,000 in 2013) to produce first-rate parade and fireworks celebrations, but we need your continued support.

Why does it cost so much? The fireworks and associated expenses are $30,000. Few people know that every marching band charges to be in the parade, and our budget for bands is $23,000. The remaining $40,000 is used for other expenses, such as insurance, security, programs, spot-a-pots, signage, administrative costs and more.

How can you help?

1. Make an On-Line donation at Donate Catonsville and make a tax-deductible donation to the Catonsville July 4th Committee.  Pay with credit card or Paypal.

2. Volunteers are going door-to-door in the Catonsville area to collect donations.  They are also leaving door hangers with easy donation options.  Give generously!

3. Parade Collectors with buckets will be walking down the parade route just ahead of the parade.  Bring your cash/checks and deposit them into their buckets.

4. Fireworks Collectors will be traversing the high school grounds at the pre-fireworks fun fest.  Give generously!

5. Write a check payable to the Catonsville Community Foundation (CCF) and mail to 924 Frederick Road, 21228.   Donations made through the CCF are tax-deductible.


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